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Tiago Veiga • 03 Mar 2018

Accountancy Departments across the globe are suffering from excessive workload. Staff feel they spend too long ‘fighting fires’ when undertaking their monthly, weekly or daily Reconciliation Process. Investigating errors and discrepancies found during transaction-matching takes time. Reducing this workload will therefore give accountancy staff the freedom to focus on other essential activities.


It can be frustrating to manage a Reconciliation process manually. Even using dedicated software can slow down the entire process if it is out-dated or unintuitive. An inefficient Reconciliation Process can impact almost everyone in an organisation. Managerial staff may miss reporting deadlines, IT departments will have to provide increased support, and Accountancy staff will also struggle to perform the process itself. Fortunately, there is software that can eliminate this burden. Groupit from Aurum Solutions integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s financial systems. Individual users can have the software tailored to their own requirements and preferences. This will therefore ensure effective and efficient management of all Reconciliation activities.

Reconciliation Software

When it comes to matching transactions and balances as part of any account reconciliation process; automation is best. Groupit can manage any form of reconciliation, including Bank Reconciliation and Payment Service Provider Reconciliation - saving valuable time and preventing errors.

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How can Groupit help with your Reconciliation Process?

  • Save time by establishing pre-defined Matching Rules which are capable of automating even the most complex Reconciliation Process


  • Enhance security by accurately recording payment history and generating an extensive audit-trail


  • Reduce workload with software that is simple to use and totally user-friendly


  • Increase efficiency with a friendly UK-based support team who are able to deal with all queries promptly and professionally


Aurum Solutions’ Groupit software will reduce the high staff turnover often experienced by organisations due to increased stress caused by an ineffective Reconciliation Process. It will also eliminate the need to bring in additional staff to handle a growing workload. The software is flexible and able to fit perfectly into any organisation. For a completely free software demonstration with one of our experienced Reconciliation Technicians get in touch today.