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Fully Integrated

Our software can integrate seamlessly and non-invasively with any existing system using either standard reports or database queries.

Robust Foundation

From its inception Groupit was built to handle an exceptionally high number of transactions and extremely complex tasks; including four-way reconciliations.

Quick Install

Groupit can begin automatically processing data within minutes of being installed onto a computer.

Automatic Importing

Our software is able to automatically import and analyse data at a time that suits your organisation; eliminating a tedious and often insecure element of the manual reconciliation or matching process.

Innovative Display

With a suite of different functions and an emphasis on control, the software can be tailored to your needs; only showing the functionality that you require.

Affordably Priced

We know the value of our product and how much it can save you from the moment it is installed. Our pricing plan reflects the complexity of the integration and the number of users utilising the software.

User Controls

The ability to allocate specific permissions to users ensures detailed control of every aspect of your business process.

Detailed Audit Trail

A comprehensive audit trail is stored within Groupit; maintaining information on all changes made during the reconciliation or sorting process. The date, time and identity of the user who made the change alongside details of the change itself are all easily retrieved.

Easily Accessible

Groupit is commended by users for being easy to use. A simple learning curve allows users to become more competent with the software as their skill increases; giving them greater control over their data.

Expert Support

With a wealth of experience working with automated reconciliation solutions, our technicians provide a responsive service; answering any queries and providing support to users on a daily basis.

Turbocharge your ERP

Because Groupit is designed with flexibility at its core it can be integrated seamlessly with all leading ERPs, ensuring your organisation's processes are truly and fully automated.

Groupit integrates seamlessly with all leading ERPs